Hekinan district, geografically situated almost in the center of Aichi Prefecture and within 40 kilometers of Nagoya city, was incorporated on April 5th in 1948. It is surrounded by water fronts all around; Lake Aburagafuchi in the north, Yahagi River in the east, and Kinuura Bay in the west and south, so that many traditional industries have developed; such as biotechnology and brewery(sake), sweet rice wine for cooking(mirin),soy sauce, casting industry,and ceramic industry like roofing tile Sanshuugawara, namaed after the area-name. Because of easy access to the port of Kinuura, new industries have also developed; such as automobile-related industries and food processing industries. Hekinan district, surrounded by waters and favored with a mild climate, is proud of its higher ranking all over Aichi prefecture in both agriculture and fishing productivity,especially in the produce of carrots and onions. Based on ours traditional culture and our people's kind consideration,we , Hekinan-City are vigorously challenging to make our community safer, more comfortable and active, where people are rich in mind and cherish the importance of social welfare and of clean environment, while re-appreciating our climate, history, culture and industry.

City Symbol

It comes from the character "Heki" , and was decided in 1948, the year of municipalization.

City Flower : The Iris

It was chosen in October 1972.
They are planted in Aburagafuchi park.

City Tree : The Oak

It was chosen in October 1972.
It is the most widely planted tree in parks and gardens.