District of Obara,Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture

The city of Hekinan affiliated with the district of Obara in Toyota city as Culture and Sports Friendship city on April 5, 1992. @Obara is located in the north of the central part of Aichi prefecture and close to Gifu prefecture. Mountains and forests occupy 85 percent of the whole area of the village. Its population is approximately 4,500. Obara is nationally well-known as a home of Japanese paper. Recently the leisure industry such as the development of golf links has been regarded as an important one. The major industies, however, are those related to nature such as china clay material, quarrying, material for bags and chips.

@The Obara Kabuki, a traditional cultural event, is performed twice a year by the volunteers.

Relationship between Obara and Hekinan

Mr. Tatsukichi Fujii who was from Hekinan was evacuated to Obara in 1945 and began to instruct the craft of Japanese paper.

In 1975, "The Volleyball Match for Housewives" brought the mountain-dwelling people of Obara together with the Hekinan people by the sea for a tournament of goodwill and cultural exchange. Hereafter, it has been held almost every year.

A Kendo (Japanese Fencing) tournament for boys was held in 1991.
@Obara has had a productive exchange program through sports. Deputy Mayor of Obara who visited Hekinan in @August, 1991 proposed to develop various cooperative goodwill enterprises between the city of Hekinan and the village of Obara. Hekinan affiliated with Obara as a Culture and Sports Friendship Village on April 5, 1992.